About us

The International College of Cosmetology (ICC) a private college founded in 2003, specialises in delivering expert teaching and training to students interested in aesthetic cosmetology and therapeutic massage. The educational institution focuses its efforts on inspiring students and academic staff for continuous development in the health and care sector.

The college participates in and supports zero waste initiatives,  holds classes outside, coordinates tree planting projects, and works hard to reduce paper consumption within the institution. The college prides itself on its dedication to promoting good mental health and wellbeing within its students, lecturers, and the wider community. ICC regularly organises events and training for stress management and reduction and supports local sporting events.

Programmes incorporate medical teachings such as anatomy, dermatology, nutrition and physiology lessons, as well as courses on various cosmetic procedures and the technologies and techniques used within them. The college further concentrates on developing marketing and sales skills, with classes detailing the basics of owning and operating a cosmetics salon.