How to age harmoniously. Innovations in gerontology - 
16 TIP*
5th International Scientific  Conference ONLINE
9th and 10th of June, 2022

About conference

The Conference is aimed at encouraging studies that help in promoting healthy lifestyle therapies, enabling people to stay fit & healthy as they grow old. The outcome of this conference is set to put forth many researches and alternative therapies that have not been discussed and are new to the industry. The conference goal is to promote a healthy living culture that enables aging an energetic and fun process.

A flower only “Blooms”, as it grows old, remember you are a flower and aging is just “Blooming”. For centuries we have been burdened with the “myth”, that aging is Boring. The word “Gerontology”, means the study of the physical, mental, and social aspects of aging and the societal implications of which that, tag along with aging. For many, as they grow old find themselves dwelling in a “Cocoon”, often created by the society that allows them to dream their escapade but restricts them to act. The “5th International Scientific Conference”, brought to you by The International College of Cosmetology, hopes to tear up this “Cocoon” and set you free by encouraging motivational & inspirational speakers to talk about their journey of Blooming. The conference also leads us in the direction of research and innovation in the field of Gerontology that helps us age harmoniously. The conference sheds light on the “Art of Aging” and the key to a well-lived life.

*16 TIP refers to attendants from Latvia if they participate both conference days

Day 1 - 09.06.22 (English)

10:00 -  opening speeches by Marika Gederte and Alise Lase

10:30 - Nice Age comes to fashion: Why? (by Zanna Dubska, Latvia)

11:00 - Alternative therapies for aging (by Kamilė Nakrošytė (Lithuania) and Vasiliki Galiatsatou (Greece))

11:30 -  Internal and external benefits of thermal water in healthy aging (by Elisabete Roldão & Marco Ferreira (Portugal)

12:00 - EUDAIMONIA : The Key to Living Well-Lived Life (by Paraskevi Voulgaraki, Greece)

12:30 - How to make aging a fun process and not an ailment (by Mr. Dinesh Mohan, India)

13:00 - Care and healing treatments for the skin of elderly people (by Dr. Leszek Zakrzewski, Poland)

13:30 - Essential exercise for advanced age, and a fresh perspective on outlook - For a life of quality (by Simone Tunney, United Kingdom)

14:00  - Method for identification and sorting of live, unlabeled cells by telomere length (by Dr. of Molecular Biology: Uldis Berzins, Latvia)

14:30 - Platelet-rich plasma: secret for youthful skin (by Baiba Beate Udre and Diāna Georgijcuka, Latvia)

15:00The food supplement effectiveness against premature aging and oxidative stress (Žaneta Mickienė, Lithuania)

15:30 - "Orienting the Map": The importance of coming to understand where you are in your wellness journey (abilities and limitations) and how to take the first step in the direction of better (by Krysti Slonaker, USA)

Day 2- 10.06.22 (Latvian)

10:00 - iedvesmojošā runa

10:15 - Veselīgs sports kā dzīvesveids ilgtermiņā (Inga Velmere)

10:35 - Iekaisuma veicināta novecošanās, ikdienas paradumi tās profilaksei (Līga Balode)

10:55 - Kā neapmaldīties digitalizācijas džungļos 21. gadsimtā (Marija Dilo)

11:15 - Sejas novecošanās morfotipu īpatnības, kopšanas un procedūru klāsts" (Kristīne Jākobsone)

11:35 - Vizuālā tēla nozīme harmoniskā novecošanas procesā (Baiba Grīna)

11:55 - Intensīvās sejas masāžas pielietojums preventīvajā kosmetoloģijā (Inta Rozenberga)

12:15 pauze 15 min.

12:30 - Smadzeņu noslēpumi par mūžīgo jaunību (Pēteris Urtāns)

12:50 - Metode dzīvu, neiezīmētu šūnu identificēšanai un šķirošanai pēc telomēru garuma (Uldis Bērziņš)

13:20 - Biopsihosociālā pieeja veselības uzturēšanā un krioterapijas ietekme uz ķermeni (Kristīne Pētersone)

13:40 - Iekšķīgi lietojama kolagēna ietekme uz novecošanās procesiem (Dita Bērziņa)

14:00 - Kā nezaudēt dzīves garšu (Kristīne Mielava)

14:20 - Antioksidantu nozīme ilgtspējīgas dzīves kvalitātes nodrošināšanā (Jolanta Liniņa)

14:40 - Jaunība līdz mūža beigām. Ko tā nes? (Žanna Dubska)

15:00 - Cilvēka psiholoģiskā stāvokļa ietekme uz fizisko veselību (Santa Domkova)

About us 

The International College of Cosmetology (ICC) a private college founded in 2003, specialises in delivering expert teaching and training to students interested in aesthetic cosmetology and therapeutic massage. 
The educational institution focuses its efforts on inspiring students and academic staff for continuous development in the health and care sector.

The college participates in and supports zero waste initiatives,  holds classes outside, coordinates tree planting projects, and works hard to reduce paper consumption within the institution. The college prides itself on its dedication to promoting good mental health and wellbeing within its students, lecturers, and the wider community. ICC regularly organises events and training for stress management and reduction and supports local sporting events.

Meet our host Mudassir Arafat

He is the International Relations & Educational Projects coordinator at ICC. He is also certified trainer of Communication & Leadership & a teacher of Digital Commerce

Meet our host Silvija Strikere

Silvija is the teacher of salon management at ICC. She is also the head of study program. For Silvija cosmetology is her passion.